Catnip Cathouse Views

We are a private home and our place is cozy and warm
The rooms are varying in size, with the smallest being 2ft by 4ft deep by 6ft high
and the larger ones being 2 ft by 6 ft by 6 ft high
(See the diagrams below the pictures)

There is a beautiful roof garden, with big, safe outside cages, each accessible via a cage tunnel
and every cat gets their time out there
we never mix cats and everything gets cleaned before the next cat's turn outside

so your cat can enjoy the many birds and squirrels that come by all day

Here are some panoramic views, so you can look around - it's best to zoom out first using the button at the bottom-right corner:


DSCN2647.jpg DSCN2678.jpg DSCN2696.jpg DSCN2697.jpg DSCN2701.jpg DSCN2702.jpg
DSCN2703.jpg DSCN2707.jpg DSCN2721.jpg DSCN2722.jpg DSCN2725.jpg DSCN2730.jpg
DSCN2742.jpg DSCN2745.jpg DSCN2747.jpg DSCN2750.jpg DSCN2779.jpg DSCN2782.jpg
DSCN2785.jpg DSCN2801.jpg DSCN2802.jpg DSCN2803.jpg DSCN2804.jpg DSCN2881.jpg
Thank you for virtually visiting!

You can see lots more, via the web cams here

Here are diagrams of the rooms:


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