This is a great place to bring your cats for their vacation.. and it's right here in Santa Cruz

It's the Catnip Cathouse ..the deluxe little exclusive club for cats only

Please note: We only accept bookings for 8 nights or longer for just a few lucky cats
...So if you have at least a one-week trip to make then this is the one place where your cat will be completely relaxed and comfortable. We love cats and have always had cats in our lives. We really understand cats and we know how to make them feel safe, loved and happy while you're away. We only have a few cats at a time here and very one of them has a wonderful time. They often arrive nervous and apprehensive but they soon settle in and relax and they're always sad to leave.

Thank you for visiting and we wish you health and prosperity for the new year.


This a very special place - an exclusive club resort for just a few pampered little cats. Small and very cozy

... we provide complete peace of mind for you and for your cats while you're awaymousie1

in hospital, on vacation, or perhaps just having your house tented....

Secure, safe and loving care for your cat in a quiet, safe, private home setting 
- no other cat resort can equal us.

Cat boarding, cat sitting, cat loving  - we're a deluxe, exclusive cat resort - that's what we do.

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We have some Special Features that most others don't have:

  • Private rooms every cat has their own web page - so you can visit your cat online while you're away! Even from a hospital bed!cat-approved

  • Webcams that take a snapshot of your cat every hour - so you can see him/her when they're in their room.

  • Pussycat TV! - showing continuous 4-hour loop of films we made of mice, birds etc. The cats love it!

  • Outdoor garden rooms - several safe outdoor rooms for fresh air, squirrel and bird-watching in total peace. Not always available - we charge a little more for these all-day bird-watching rooms for your cat(s)

  • Suction vented enclosed cat litter boxes - absolutely no smell at our cat resort, for your cat or us.

  • Round-the clock entertainment at our cat resort - Peaceful bird sounds, live birds to watch and pussycat TV, games to play.

  • Comfortable, cozy and warm feel - no metal cages, stark fluorescent lighting and concrete floors here - this is luxurious!

  • Boarding for cats only - no dogs. So your pussycat can relax. Also no strays, no sick cats ever stay here.


We're by far the best cat boarding place and at $30 per night* - we're really affordable too. 
(2nd cat in the same room add $21 per night* or 2nd cat in a separate room $30/night*, 3 cats sharing a double room $68/night)
(outside-access rooms (when available):for 1 cat $8 extra per night, for 2 cats $10 extra per night , for 3 cats $15 extra per night)
 *plus 3.5% credit card fee

Please note: all Check-ins and Check-outs are by pre-arranged morning appointment 8:00am to 10:30am.
Any variances, if allowed, cost an extra day each

cat2Why not board with your vet? 

Sure, your cat will definitely be safe, but the vet is where your cat goes for medical reasons - checkups, vaccinations - but not for any kind of fun holiday ....

We love our vets, they're wonderful and we need them, but who wants to stay in a metal cage in hospital for their holidays?! 

Our cat knows she's there for treatment but she's so happy to come home and party

Instead, you can go away relaxed and completely guilt-free, knowing your cat is safe and ...
... that your pussycat is absolutely loving his/her vacation here at the Catnip Cathouse !


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Visits (virtual visits only) no in-person visits: 
This is our private home so visits to see what it's like here are only made via our virtual visit page, rather than coming in person for a look-see. 3 panoramic viewers and some webcams allow you to see exactly what it's like here, instantly - without even leaving your home!

** Click on this green bar now for a virtual visit **

(Please note - Flash has been discontinued by Adobe, so the panorama viewer no longer works - there are lots of photos, though.)

Everyone has loved it here and the cats do too, so you can be confident that you've found the right vacation home for your cats.

cat3We know how much you love your little pussycats and we do too, so they're in the very best hands. 

We're some of the most cat-friendly people. 

We're utterly reliable, always available to the cats and their owners and we do it right.


No other boarding place comes close to what we provide - and for lower cost than most others too!


Thank you for visiting and we wish you health and prosperity for the future.


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Reservations: Please phone us at: (831) 252-CATS (252-2287) or email:

We are a licensed California Corporation and we carry full liability insurance grobblies1


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We accept for payment... 
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Check, and Cash



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